Welcome to
Candy Coated 

Welcome to Candy Coated, the event plaza that will bring you to bigger and better parties 
everytime you have us by. Between our sexy and ambitious women and men that bring in thier enthusiastic energy to every event. You will watch your party go from blank to the bank. 

When it comes to bring the party, we always have it covered and we bring it big. From 
any size of event to private party, Candy Coated can make it the biggest event 
in city! 

Services Offered
and Performances Offered

​​ Services Provide
 - All of our employees either have their bartending license and/or smart serve. (Certified to legally sell/serve alcoholic beverages) 
- Have exceeding skills in balance, so standing and pouring a special shot will never be a issuse.
- They have be trained and received their WHMIS training.
- Plus with their great intelligence serving food is no problem for them. 
- They will also be serving flavoured candy canes, candies, and sweets for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

Performance offered:
-Select Candy Coated employees will perform in Wet T-shirt contest  *  Upon signing a safety and liability/security waiver any customer or employee may compete
-Selected and trained Candy Coated employees will engage in Mud and/or Lubricant wrestling matches (depending on event) ​ * Upon signing a safety and liabalility/security waiver any customer or employee may compete

Selected Candy Coated employees will perform signautre sexy dance performances (Some upon a pole) *Upon signing a safety and liability/security waiver 
The services provided to our customers is guaranteed to exceed all expectations. With our talented and gorgeous staff members, they'll always be their to iginite and entice your every party need, from their loyal shot pouring to their graceful beer serving , they'll be there with a smile. 
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About Us at Candy Coated

We do sell exclusive candies from Candy Coated to have at your party plus tons of other party favours. Such as Candy Coated dance/work out clothing from our hottest tops to our sexiest bottoms are available to our fabulous customers, which you can order off by calling our office or by emailing us with your dimensions and contact information and one of our employees will reach you with-in 24 hours.
Candy Coated is one of the few with the most elite employees across Ontario, From our women to our men they are always there to please. They will show you sites to excite and amaze you, also depedning the party type, our employees can and  are willing to teach you some party tricks. From pouring the perfect shot,  from just a foot or two above your head, to showing you the best balance as they teach you to climb the pole. We also have lots of fun with candy, sweets and chocolate but to find out our secrets you have to invite us by. I'll give you a hint when it comes to the chocolate we love to use body moulds.
 Candy Coated has some of the most exceptional party people you'll ever meet, from their fun loving attitudes to their caring and sensitive nature they always know what is the best for you and your guest. Plus with the chance to lay out exactly what, where and when you would like the performace/party to take place, you have the control to make the party of your dreams come true. 

Contact Us

To contact us at Candy Coated to either book an appoitment you may set one up right on our website or you can call us at  the number below. If you are interestded in purchasing some tops or bottoms from our high quality clothing line and/or fun party packages you may call or email us and a representative will be with you with-in 24 hours. Let us make your next event or private party a blast and a breeze.  

T​elephone: 613-889-7305​

Email: Candycoated2016@hotmail.com


​Beaverbrook lane

​Kanata, Ontario

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